Book Review Talk about Blossom by Queen Pen

Title Blossom
Author Queen Pen
Genre Urban Fiction
Publisher Atria Books
Release   Date: May 23, 2006
ASIN/ISBN: ASIN:   B000GCFXIQ, ISBN-10:   0743284496,
Purchase Link:
Author/Book   Website:
Book   Description: Queen Pen first rose to   stardom as a hit-making rap artist, then with a popular collection of short   stories, Situations. Now she makes her debut as a novelist with Blossom,   a love story of ultimate passion and desperate measures. Blossom, a beautiful   schoolgirl, gets a taste of the good life when she meets Dude, an older,   charismatic street hustler. Lavished with expensive jewelry, exotic getaways,   and, most important, her first love, Blossom’s life is transformed. But her   fairy tale is quickly ended when a murder occurs — a murder meant for the   two lovers.From the streets of Brooklyn to the beaches of the Dominican   Republic, Blossom takes us on the rocky journey of falling in love with a   hustler. T Mac, Dude’s brother, meets a tragic fate, and Dude’s emotional   pain and controlling temper cause him to change his attitude toward Blossom.   Deceit becomes the new foundation of their relationship, and Blossom is left   feeling abandoned and betrayed but still in love.With the same artistry and   honesty that put Queen Pen on top of the charts as a rapper, as an author she   delivers a rhythmic, fast-paced urban novel that will teach us a lesson on   love.Genres: Urban Fiction, African American
BRT   Rating:  threewinks
BRT   Review Title: Enjoyable but   predictable
BRT   Review: I   read this book on kindle. I thought it was cliche as far as the jet setting,   fantasy world of the “down to earth” drug dealers and eventually it   got to be a bit annoying with the glorification of it all. A lot of the big   twists were predictable, but the way she played out the scenes was   interesting enough to continue the read. It was easy to determine some of the   developing relationships and who was going to be get killed etc. Even still,   I enjoyed it as a whole the way I would enjoy a made for Lifetime movie.   Under the genre it’s in, some circumstances were of course expected, but it   would have been nice to make it a little more realistic to separate it from   the typical story line. The way that the story ended, a sequel could   definitely be spun from it. Decent   review talk! But you be the judge.

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