Book Review Talk about Fancy by Vanna B.

Title Fancy
Author Vanna B.
Genre Urban fiction, African   American Fiction
Publisher Hope Street Publishing
Release   Date: April 18, 2012
ASIN/ISBN: ASIN:   B007VQLTLU, ISBN-10:   0985351500
Purchase   Link:
Author/Book   Website:  
Book   Description: Maribel “Fancy”   Alvarez is a trendy socialite who has it all: enviable looks, popularity and   a closet full of designer clothing. The Philadelphia beauty lives an amazing   life. At least that’s what she’s led everyone to believe. Fancy goes to great   lengths to keep up a façade of perfection, but when a series of unfortunate   events rattles her world, everything begins to fall apart. She’s always been   taught to use what she’s got to get what she wants but deep down inside Fancy   knows there is truly more to her than just a beautiful face and perfect body.   Will she abandon the superficial lifestyle she’s come to know or succumb to   the temptation of the almighty dollar? Fancy chronicles the life of a woman   torn between the person she is and the person she wants to be. This iconic   story will resonate with readers who, like Fancy, have battled issues within,   as well as outside influences, while struggling to find themselves amidst a   world of chaos.
BRT   Rating:  fourwinks
BRT   Review Title: Quick and Fancy read
BRT   Review: I   read this book on kindle. I wasn’t sure what to expect but it was actually a   really quick read. I only read in my spare time after work and was done in 2   days. The characters are interesting, although Fancy is a bit too gullible   and trusting, even for a party girl, but I enjoyed the book. There were   several typos of one word in particular, but it didn’t take away from the   storyline. It was an extremely quick read and the twists and turns are   sometimes unexpected; I didn’t predict most of them. Clearly there will be a   sequel as the ending was open ended. Nice   work. Good review talk! But you be the judge.



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