Book Review Talk about Wendy’s Got The Heat by Wendy Williams

Title Wendy’s   Got The Heat
Author Wendy Williams
Genre Nonfiction, Arts &   Entertainment, Radio, General Broadcasting
Publisher Pocket Star
Release   Date: August 5, 2003
ASIN/ISBN: ASIN:   B0036QVPEK, ISBN-10:   0743470214
Purchase   Link:
Author/Book   Website:  
Book   Description: She’s the kind of media   personality that artists love because she builds them up — and fear because   she can bring them down. She’s interviewed many of the biggest names in   entertainment — Jennifer Lopez, Whitney Houston, and Queen Latifah among   them — and is known for her ability to disarm and get them to reveal their   secrets. Known as both a “shock jock diva” and “the biggest   mouth in New York,” Wendy Williams is always at the top of her game, whether   she’s doing color commentary for the VH1 Fashion Awards or giving romantic   advice on her daily drive-time show. But there’s more to the Queen of Urban   Radio than meets the mike. Wendy’s Got the Heat is her story — about   growing up in a predominately white suburb, recovering from drug addiction,   struggling to launch a successful career in one of the most male-dominated   media industries — and it’s by turns painful, hilarious, triumphant, and   totally true.
BRT   Rating:   fourwinks
BRT   Review Title: Very   Interesting insight into her life
BRT   Review: I   purchased the kindle version of this book. I got a greater and better   understanding of the former radio vj, now talk show and gossip host Wendy   Williams and why she is the flamboyant, over the top, extroverted woman we   see in the media currently. I enjoyed the book and was trying to guess who   her first husband was and the boyfriend who violated and raped her in her   drug days. Many scandals arose from her radio days that are still relevant   now and some of her struggles and accomplishments are spotlighted, as well as   her weaknesses. I commend her for being so open and doubt the majority of us   could ever reveal so much about ourselves or our own personal lives in her   place; especially while she’s still in the spotlight. Good review talk! But you be the judge.

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