Book Review Talk about Man Overboard by Shawn Hopkins

Man Overboard by Shawn Hopkins

Title Man   Overboard
Author Shawn Hopkins
Genre Suspense, Mystery
Publisher CreateSpace   Independent Publishing Platform
Release   Date: October, 4 2012
ASIN/ISBN: ASIN:   B009M98DQI, ISBN-10: 1480032557, ISBN-13:   978-1480032552
Purchase   Link:
Author/Book   Website:
When Jack’s mother-in-law sends him and Stacey on a two-week cruise, they’re   determined to make the most of it, to forget about the cancer and its cold   grip on their future.
Planning to revisit the earlier days of their marriage, and the unbridled   romance that defined it, they’ll lose themselves in paradise while building   the resolve needed to endure the coming hell.
At least that was his plan…
“A delicately laced story of hope, love, suspense, and   intrigue.” – best-selling author, Larry Enright, FOUR YEARS FROM   HOME
BRT   Rating:

5 out of 5 winks

5 out of 5 winks

BRT   Review Title: A   Fan is Born!
BRT   Review: I   read this book on kindle! Hopkins has just gained a new fan. The characters,   the suspense, the clever style of writing…I thoroughly enjoyed this book.   I’m always a fan of interjected humor and sarcasm in context with the story   and he’s incorporated it brilliantly when describing the frustration Jack   experiencing as this tale unravels to get to the meat. I didn’t want to put   the book down for a moment until I found out exactly what was going on to get   the main characters into the predicament that they were in, and I was NOT   disappointed when the darkness came to light. I find it interesting that the   main character was reading a book by Koontz because this read definitely   rivals the same caliber of read. Excellent! Great review talk! But you be   the judge.

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