Book Review Talk about The Real Face of Child Support by Dee Lockett

The Real Face of Child Support

Title The   Real Face of Child Support
Author Dee Lockett
Genre Parenting, Dysfunctional   Relationships
Publisher Serenity Publishing &   Communications, Inc.
Release   Date: June, 9 2012
ASIN/ISBN: ASIN:   B008AEYDCO, ISBN-10:   0982718373, ISBN-13:   978-1936519125
Purchase   Link:
Author/Book   Website:
Book   Description: The Real Face of Child   Support takes a candid look at the conflict that exists in relationships over   the dynamics of child support. With real life situations, the author spells   out some radical solutions and suggestions focused on making the best   interactions between a child’s parents possible. Anything but timid, this   book is a must have for any person that finds themselves in the child support   system either willingly or reluctantly. The Real Face of Child Support is   laced with compassion and honesty, while it endeavors to be a mediator for   respect and accountability. Every line is designed to challenge parents to   take a look at how they can create a more harmonious and caring atmosphere,   so that their child will get the best of both parents in the long run,   remembering at all times that their child is the real face of child support.
BRT   Rating:

5 out of 5 winks

5 out of 5 winks

BRT   Review Title: A sure shot catalyst to   conversation!
BRT   Review: I   reviewed this book in paperback. This book will be a firecracker in the hands   of those paying and receiving child support. The author makes some strong   points and has even stronger opinions about the system, the benefits,   consequences and purpose, many, if not all of which, are debatable. It is clear   that the intent is to be impartial, proposing fairness with fresh eyes to the   parents involved in child support payment battles and even more so in custody   and child care arguments. She says from the beginning that the cases sited   cannot and will not possibly cover all of the possible circumstances, but, I   guarantee that some readers, especially those who do not fit into the   categories named, may need to have their blood pressure checked when the read   is over. Overall, I think the intention of the author was to make the parties   involved look at their behavior, the child support efforts, and the effect on   the children as fairly as possible, and without letting selfish judgment,   pining for loves lost, or vindictive behavior guide your decisions. Whether you   agree or disagree at the end of this book, you will have an opinion about it!   Great review talk! But you be the judge.

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