Book Review Talk about The Goddess’s Choice by Jamie Marchant

The Goddess’s Choice

Title The   Goddess’s Choice
Author Jamie Marchant
Genre Epic Fantasy
Publisher Reliquary Press
Release   Date: April 18, 2012
ASIN/ISBN: ASIN:   B007VPA9R6, ISBN-10:   1936519127, ISBN-13:   978-1936519125
Purchase   Link:
Author/Book   Website:
Book   Description: Samantha’s ability enables   her to discern a person’s character through their multi-colored aura, and   Robrek’s makes him the strongest healer the kingdom has seen in centuries.   But their gifts also endanger their lives. Royals scheme to usurp the throne   by marrying or killing Samantha, and priests plot to burn Robrek at the   stake. Robrek escapes the priests only to be captured by Samantha’s   arch-enemy, Duke Argblutal; Argblutal intends to force the princess to marry   him by exploiting Robrek’s powers. To save their own lives and stop the realm   from sinking into civil war, Robrek and Samantha must consolidate their   powers and unite the people behind them.
BRT   Rating:  fourwinks
BRT   Review Title: A Fantasy with enough drama   to go around
BRT   Review: I   read the paperback version of this book. I was pleasantly surprised with the   depth and character driven plots that emerged among the magic. I appreciated   the clever way each character’s “abilities” were revealed and the   potentially realistic qualities given to them. Instead, they were introduced   more as powers acquired at birth or through life changes. Each character was   well-developed and it was as easy to hate the bad guys as it was to   understand their perspectives in some ways. I was a bit confused at some   points in the storyline during specific transitions, but quickly recovered. I   found it hard to wrap my mind around how some of the characters intricate   names would actually be pronounced, since when I read I like to visualize the   book as though it were a movie, which aides in my becoming more invested in   them. Perhaps the unique names add to the “Fantasy” aspect of the   book for some. Regardless, I enjoyed The Goddess’s Choice from the despicable   deeds of the biggest villain Argblutal, down to the romantic drama between   Princess Samantha and her suitors. The storyline is definitely a more vivid,   in-depth and adult version of “The Princess on The Glass Hill”, but   I assure you it is certainly worthy of a sequel on its own. Good review talk! But you be the judge.  



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