Book Review Talk about A Patriots Betrayal by Andrew Clawson – Rated 5 winks

A Patriots Betrayal

Title A   Patriot’s Betrayal
Author Andrew Clawson
Genre Thriller
Publisher Amazon
Release Date: June 1,   2012
ASIN/ISBN: 978-1477589014
Purchase Link:
Author/Book Website:
Book Description: A   Patriot’s Betrayal is a thriller set in modern times that follows a path laid   out centuries ago, right here in America. The last thing Parker Chase   expected to find after burying his murdered uncle was a cryptic letter from   the dead man. Parker realizes that his death was far more than a robbery gone   bad, and soon finds himself pursued by the very men who killed his uncle.   Joined by his brilliant ex-girlfriend, Parker fights to stay one step ahead   of a shadowy organization hell-bent on silencing him forever. Desperate to   discover why his uncle died, Parker realizes that he had uncovered   information about a centuries old mystery involving America’s Founding   Fathers. Soon both the CIA and police join the death-dealing group of   murderers in the chase to capture Parker, who must run for his life while   unraveling the greatest conspiracy in American history.
BRT Rating:  fivewinks
BRT Review Title:  A conspiracy theory and mystery lovers playground!
BRT Review: Andrew Clawson does an excellent job of taking the reader on a danger filled chase along with the main character Parker Chase to find the pieces of his uncles secrets and murder puzzle. As luck would have it, Parker has ties with a CIA agent and enlists the help of his ex-girlfriend who he clearly still has sparks with to evade becoming one of the corpses they avoid along the way. I enjoyed the chase scenes and I appreciated the various POV’s that allows the reader a window into both the villains and the victims motives and actions. Clawson uses all the expected near death escapes and mysterious behavioral clues that should be included in a thriller. Great review talk! But you be the judge.

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