Book Review Talk about Sedition by Tom Abrahams – Rated 4 Winks



Title Sedition: A Political Thriller
Author Tom Abrahams
Genre Political Thriller
Publisher Tom Abrahams
Release Date: ASIN: B009G76250  ISBN: 1480107336 / 978-1480107335
ASIN/ISBN: ASIN: B008K9DV4U, ISBN-10: 097718661X, ISBN-13: 978-0977186617
Purchase Link:
Author/Book Website: HTTP://SEDITIONBOOK.COM
Twitter/Facebook: Http://
Book Description: The President of The United States is dead. There is no Vice President to take his place. As the nation slips into a constitutional crisis, a small group of disenfranchised neo-patriots  conspire to violently seize power. They have the will. They already have someone on the inside.  And they have the explosives.  Standing in their way is a woman who listens to conversations not meant for her to hear. She reads mail not intended for her to see.   She knows their intention. But can she stop them in time?SEDITION is a smart, fast-paced, modern day political novel woven in reality and based on the 1820 British plot, The Cato Street Conspiracy. It navigates the thin line between good versus evil and patriot versus traitor, proving there’s always a reason behind treason.
BRT Rating:  fourwinks
BRT Review Title:  Interesting with intrigue but not entirely believable
BRT Review: I read this book in paperback and for a first time author, I was very impressed with Tom Abrahams. If you’re a conspiracy theorist or love political mystery, this may be a book you’d enjoy as you’re taken on a journey of espionage, secrecy and code cracking to find out who will take over the presidency and who ultimately should, after the President and Vice President of the United States die in office. Unfortunately, there were several moments where the detailed descriptions were overbearing, the plausibility of certain occurrences and the believability of the ensemble in the main conspiracy group Datura waned. In general however; the writing was vivid and Abrahams is clearly a talented story-teller who could likely debate politics with anyone for eons. Good review talk! But you be the judge.

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