Book Review Talk About GOON by T. Styles – Rated 5 Winks




Title Goon
Author T. Styles
Genre Urban/Street/Crime Fiction
Book Link:

Book Description

When five-year-old Roman’s mother is murdered before his eyes in Fayette, Mississippi he is left alone with his loyal dog, a blue nose pit-bull named Ice. Things appear to look up for Roman when Billy Bob Adams, a career criminal, finds him and whisks him to Baltimore, Maryland. With modern day slavery as his motive, Billy Bob teaches Roman every villainous trick he knows…including murder. From the moment Yoko was born she was unwanted. Born with a visible handicap people judged her upon first sight. Before long they turn the sweet child into a bitter young adult who does anything she can for attention. Even if it means taking responsibility for crimes she didn’t commit. When Roman and Yoko meet they become an escape for one another. Since an idle mind is the devil’s workshop they put their skills together and become living nightmares for unsuspecting drug dealers. Many years later, Roman vows to trade his turbulent childhood and crimes for a family of his own. Which means leaving Yoko and her volatile love of blood behind. When Roman must rely on his murder game to provide for his family, he excels and becomes the primary assassin for a multi-million dollar drug operation. But what happens when Yoko returns with a request that Roman doesn’t want to honor? Explosive drama. Goon is an action packed thriller with unpredictable twists and excitement! Enjoy!


This story keeps you guessing from the very first page. These characters are nothing like any I’ve read about before and their intense and thorough development was so intriguing that I couldn’t put the book down. I felt for little Bay, who would later become known as Roman, when everything she knew and held dear to her was snatched away so violently, but her evolution into the GOON she became is nothing short of frightening. There were so many troubled and damaged characters to feed off of in this book that I found myself both hating and feeling sorry for some of them as their horrendous behavior was often due to some past horror inflicted onto them. Yoko’s history and character kept me on my toes and this book read like a evolving mini-series. At time I wanted it to end because I was dying to know what was ultimately going to happen, but once it was over, I wasn’t satisfied. I wanted more. Great review talk! But you be the judge.





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