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Book Review Talk about The Man With The Green Suitcase by Dee Doanes – Rated 5 Winks

The Man With The Green Suitcase

The Man With The Green Suitcase

Title The   Man With The Green Suitcase
Author Dee Doanes
Publisher WLD Enterprises
Release Date: July  30th , 2012
ASIN/ISBN: B008RTZ312   / 0615675085
Purchase Link: http://www.amazon.com/The-With-Green-Suitcase-ebook/dp/B008RTZ312/ref=tmm_kin_title_0?ie=UTF8&qid=1355176851&sr=1-1  
Author/Book Website: www.deedoanes.com
Twitter/Facebook:  www.twitter.com/deedoanes
Book Description: What   does…A prostitute,
A corrupt businessman, and
A disfigured young woman
Have in common with a mysterious, old homeless man who carries a green   suitcase?The old man comes into people’s lives because it is important for them to   experience the visions
that he is somehow able to show them–visions that even he doesn’t   understand.

But whoever he connects with will go through a transformation that will   change
the course of their life, for better or worse.

The old man has no memory of who he is or even what the suitcase holds.

But one day he will find out all about his own secret
and dark past…

This story is magical realism, realistic with paranormal elements, a mystery   that needs to be solved, and a man and woman who will finally realize that   they were meant to come into each other’s lives and remain forever.

BRT Rating:  5 out of 5 winks
BRT Review Title:  Surprisingly original and captivating!
BRT Review:  This was a fantastic and captivating read. I really appreciated the writing style and the lucid way the story was delivered; so much so that in reading it, I pledged internally to work with Hosea Feed The Hungry (a charitable entity in Georgia) this year. The book itself is not about helping the homeless, but the key character in the story, who is a homeless man who is the catalyst for interactions between all the other characters, is a homeless man. Dee Doanes descriptive narrating brings you right into the fold of the story and transformations that some characters make are not only surprising at times, but touching. As it turns out, the man with the green suitcase is a fortune-teller of sorts who bestows visions to those in his presence, whether solicited or not. The characters find rather succinctly that what’s done in the dark, always comes to light. For some of the characters, the light is bright…but not always! Great book review talk! But you be the judge.

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